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Human beings have a habit of being inclined towards what other people are interested in. It is their instinct to believe their fellow human beings. Some people even call this phenomenon “herd mentality.”

The most significant proof is that social media has become our primary medium of interaction within a few years. Currently, somewhere around one billion active users are using Instagram. This is precisely why it is essential to take care of our profiles to win people’s trust.

If you have worked hard on a video that doesn’t have many likes, chances are more people will think it’s not worth watching. This is why buying Instagram views for your videos is a smart move so that they can get the attention, popularity, and engagement they deserve.

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Here at Fanjet, we strictly ensure quality control of our views. We provide the highest quality views from real accounts. Unfortunately, many cheap sites often utilize bot or computer codes to provide views with low-cost packages. This could be alluring for those not looking to invest a lot, but it could get your Instagram account flagged or banned.

On the other hand, Fanjet takes pride in our authentic views from genuine accounts. Our packages are pocket friendly and cater to diverse marketing strategies. Our quality and quantity are swoon-worthy and consistent, which is why leading influencers choose us to increase their engagement.

The best things about Fanjet are that we value your privacy and hate the unnecessary hassle. Therefore, the only thing we require you to submit is your username.

We will never ask you to compromise the sanctity of your account by providing us with your password or any other sensitive data. However, we understand that clients often back out due to safety concerns, and that’s a valid concern. Hence, we do everything to maintain our bridge of trust with our customers.

You can pay us via the usual payment methods, including disbursing through credit cards and crypto.

At Fanjet, we strongly believe in taking action as fast as possible. Our modern system processes your order within a few minutes of placing it. However, we realize the best way to ensure your video is successful is if it has more views in the first few hours post-upload.

Fanjet leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you receive your views instantly after uploading. We are proud to admit that our views orders are processed under 5 minutes after buying. And, due to this agile service, your account gets the benefit of receiving organic followers and likes as well.

Fanjet is the best in the game. And, it didn’t happen overnight. It has taken years to reach this level of popularity.

Almost a decade ago, a group of brilliant digital media experts decided to collaborate and work on making lives easy for social media users like you. Over the years, we have been empathizing, ideating, prototyping, and testing new methods most beneficial to our customers.

Since our inception, we’ve expanded our clientele and helped thousands of Instagram accounts grow and thrive by delivering millions of views. As a result, famous bloggers choose to seek Fanjet’s help to boost engagement on their Instagram accounts. In fact, due to our hard work and consistent results, we now have more than 100,000 recurring customers seeking Fanjet’s help to grow their accounts.

Our clients trust us because of our loyalty to them. Not only do they receive the results they were expecting, but they know our services go the extra mile for them to have a pleasant experience. And, if for some reason, our client is not fully satisfied, we will replace her or his product.

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If you buy views from a cheap site, the risk of getting your Instagram account banned is high. However, if you buy views from us, there is no way your account is in any sort of danger. Our team has worked hard to ensure our Instagram views are authentic and adhere to Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

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