There is more to your Instagram bio than just a first glance. The bio part on Instagram is valuable real estate for marketers. A well-written Instagram bio may have a big influence, even though it may seem like a little component of your entire page. The Instagram bio for your business serves as a search engine, a platform for building your brand, and a venue for advertising goods and services.

However, maintaining a dynamic bio is essential to creating one that works. The Instagram bio is frequently treated similarly to a website’s About page. However, the distinction is that the bio should change periodically depending on your marketing goals.

The bio can support those companies’ goals when it is used primarily as a marketing tool. All of this suggests that if you want your Instagram bio to be successful, it’s critical to think it through.

Here, we’ll explore Instagram bio and some Instagram bio tips to follow if you want to build an engaging Instagram bio that draws in your company’s target audience.

What Exactly Is Instagram Bio?

instagram bio

An Instagram bio is used to describe the information on your page contextually and is located below your profile photo. This area contains:

  • Page category
  • Display Name
  • 150 character description
  • Contact information
  • Pronouns
  • One external link

Additionally, as your bio frequently serves as a visitor’s initial point of contact, it is the ideal place to introduce yourself and your services. A strong Instagram bio can determine whether a visitor taps “follow” or “dismiss.” The greats make their biographies succinct, to the point, and most importantly, instructive, using only 150 characters to establish the scene.

Additionally, you can utilise your bio to entice readers to visit your website by including a compelling CTA or a branded hashtag to gather user-generated content.

The Best Way to Write an Instagram Bio

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For all brands and influencers, writing an engaging Instagram bio that draws in your audience should be a top focus. The finest Instagram bios will highlight the character of your brand, advertise your company, and persuade others to follow you. Here are the best Instagram bio tips on how to write the ideal and catchy Instagram bio.

  • Get You Name Optimised

Ensuring that your Name Field is optimised with your searchable keyword or name is the first approach to writing a great Instagram bio. If you work in the healthcare sector, for instance, you might wish to include both your complete name and your job title. In this way, it will be simple for others to find the right account when they search for you on Instagram.

It’s a good idea to make sure the name and username fields are optimised because Instagram takes them into account when processing search queries. In light of this, you might wish to select terms that potential followers could use when searching. Do you provide a certain service? Do you have a particular reputation?

  • Draw Attention to Your Skills and Audience

An effective Instagram bio describes the purpose of your company and its target market. You may also utilise your Instagram bio to help you stand out in your field if you’re an entrepreneur or artist. Consider your abilities or any prior experiences that a prospective follower might find interesting.

  • Use Appropriate Keywords

Targeted keywords, commonly referred to as Instagram SEO, can help by giving your account more focus and linking you with like-minded subscribers. Using relevant keywords won’t increase your searchability on Instagram.

Consider your basic principles and interests as well as those of your target audience when choosing the keywords for your Instagram profile. Spend some time establishing a “persona” of your desired follower if you use Instagram for commerce. What are their concerns or passions? What key phrases will appeal to them?

  • Consider CTA

A CTA can be a useful addition to the copy of your bio. Because they clearly state what to do and how to do it, CTAs significantly boost the likelihood that users will take the step you’re urging them to. You can prioritise a variety of different actions in your bio, and you can even fit a few various CTAs in there, so think about what would be most beneficial to your company and create space for that.

You can use the following strategies while writing your CTAs:

  • Be direct
  • Promote a one-time deal
  • Propose a contest

There are a few best practices to constantly keep in mind, regardless of the CTA you use:

  • Put your most important CTA near the end of the bio. Once you’ve made yourself known, others will be more inclined to do that. Additionally, it places your CTA adjacent to your link.
  • Where instructions are required, be clear. Choose a phrase like “share your unpacking experience with #opensesame” with a relevant hashtag at the end if you wish consumers to participate in your brand’s hashtag.
  • Begin by taking action. Start your CTA with a verb to avoid wasting words and jump right to the point.

Remember that you can change your bio to highlight unique occasions like a seasonal sale, a competition, or an impending trade fair. You can always substitute new CTAs and links to emphasise time-sensitive offerings or events.

  • Create Highlights or Features for Your Profile

Instagram marketing relies heavily on stories, and story highlights extend their shelf life on your profile. You can save individual articles into several “highlights,” which you can then name and arrange whatever you like. If you click on any of these highlights, they will be displayed one by one as saved Stories in your profile, above your newsfeed and directly beneath your bio.

You’ll be able to highlight content that firmly reflects your brand at the top of your feed, where users are most inclined to see it, in addition to giving your expired stories of the day longer shelf life. This provides you with the option to direct the story and even create stories with the specific intention of making them the highlight.

Making highlights is simple. You can choose all the tales you want to include in this particular highlight by going to your profile page, clicking the “New+” circle under your bio, and then editing the stories you want to include.


Users are likely to browse your Instagram page out of interest or for a short update about your company while you go about forming relationships with others on IG and uploading new material for your present subscribers.

Your bio is your opportunity to make a compelling first impression on behalf of your company and persuade these people to stay for a while or perhaps follow along. Use the Instagram bio tips from above to come up with a catchy one.