Instagram Insights is among the least used tools on the website. Surprisingly, only a few marketers, influencers, or small businesses spend enough time analyzing their insights. However, you must keep up with the most recent social media fads in order for your content strategy and publication schedule to be effective. And if you’re not familiar with IG Insights, you’re missing out.

What Exactly Is Instagram Insights?

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IG Insights is an integrated analytics platform that provides data on your content as well as the characteristics and behaviours of your members. Using this information, it is straightforward to compare content, assess campaigns, and judge the success of individual postings.

The ability to access IG Insights requires a business account. Once your account is changed from private to business, you will start receiving insights for all posts. Also, if you ever go back from your business account to a private one, you will still keep all of your Insights data.

Insights info may be found in the IG app in three separate locations. Tap the bar graph icon at the top-right of the display on your account section to access Insights.

Why Are Insights Crucial?

insights statistics

How might Insights benefit you? They provide amazing information on your audience and content together with thorough stats for each format, allowing you to comprehend:

  • who your followers are;
  • what content they adore;
  • what hours they are operational; and
  • why they find your content interesting.

By choosing it from a drop-down menu on your app or by pressing the Insight button on your profile, you may visit Insights. The “Insights Overview” section of the homepage contains data about your interaction, reach, and subscribers. Your insights are broken down by article type below.

You may access Insights by selecting it from a drop-down menu on your application or by tapping the Insight icon on your profile.

Continue reading for a detailed explanation of Instagram Insights and how to use them for analysis. Once you know how your content is doing, you may adjust your approach to have more success on the site.

Content Views

Do you care about how popular your Instagram posts are? Which do you feel is working the best? How long do viewers watch each of your videos? IG Insights can offer solutions to all of these issues and more if you know where to look.

To see how well your content is performing, go to your IG Insights dashboard. You can gain entry statistics for various kinds of content, such as Stories, Posts, Videos, Reels, and Lives.

You can obtain a collection of all the topics you’ve shared on IG by type, with statistics for each, and see how well every one of your posts is working by selecting the form of content you’d want to review.

Let’s discuss how to evaluate various content forms.

  • Stories. More metrics are now included in story insights, such as exit intent, interactions, and messages. You can select the metric you want to examine and the time frame for every content format. Saves, impressions, and overall engagement are the three metrics used.
  • IGTV. This area still bears the name “IGTV” and shows statistics for any IG video material you have that isn’t a Story or Reel, despite the fact that IGTV has been replaced with just “IG Video.”
  • Reels. You can get information for Reels like reach, plays, comments, and conversations.
  • Lives. Peak Concurrent Views is a metric specific to IG Live content that shows you the most concurrent viewers your Live has ever had.

Reach View

The first element in your Overview is Reach. Statistics on views and engagement for your account are provided in this section. This area will provide the percentage of ads against quality material in addition to the total number of accounts reached, which is a useful indicator for evaluating the growth of your advertising activities.

Engagement View

Do you want to know more about the kind of content that sparks the greatest interaction?

When analysing your insights for companies, engagement is among the most crucial things to Consider. These interactions are essential because they show readers’ interest in your content. It also demonstrates the potency of your calls to action in relation to the material you produce.

Follower’s View

This is the data provided by Audience Insights about your followers’ ages, genders, locations, and interests. You can use this information to see development patterns and to generate material that is more pertinent to them.

If you want to know more information about your followers, using Insights will allow you to learn how your audience responds to your material and how your page is expanding. This will make it simple for you to plan your social media approach. You may monitor growth in addition to their ages and places (both follows and unfollows).

Furthermore, it is suggested to look at your material for any surges in the number of people following or unfollowing you. Are any of the recent pieces of material you produced related to your growth? By examining the hourly division and the days, you may use this view to determine when it is ideal for posting.

How to View Instagram Insights

how to find instagram insights

Accessing your Insights account is easy if you already have a business page. To view Insights, you must have the IG app installed on a mobile phone as they are not yet accessible to desktop users.

Simply carry out the following actions after opening the app:

  • To get to it, click your profile picture in the lower right corner.
  • Simply click the menu symbol in the top right.
  • At the upper edge of the menu, to the right of the chart icon, click Insights.

You can currently view insights and data for your Instagram account. To see more specific data, tap on Accounts reached or Total followers.

Take Away

You should use Instagram Insights to direct your content development efforts if you want to maximise the return on your marketing investments. Moreover, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with insights and strong tools to expand your account.